Our History


Our history.

The Tower of Kaknästornet was designed by architects Hans Borgström and Bengt Lindroos and opened in 1967 after four years of construction. It was inaugurated by Hjalmar Mehr and the communications minister at that time, Olof Palme. The Tower of Kaknästornet would become the major conjunction point for Swedens terrestrial TV and radio broadcasts. The Tower of Kaknästornet is still used today by Teracom to transmit and recieve most of Swedens incoming and outgoing signals.The Tower is located at its current location due to the close proximity to SVT (Sveriges Television), The Swedish public service TV and Radio company.

The name Kaknästornet is taken from the medieval village of Kaknäs, a part of Ladugårdsgärdet which in turn is a part of Ekoparken, the worlds first National City Park. Historical records show that Queen Kristinas lions and tigers were housed here during the 17th century.