Artist of the Month – Hameem Sarwar

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Our youngest featured artist to date, Hameem Sarwar, has only been in Sweden for a few years. She’s taken up photography and is quickly learning the in’s and out’s of her DSLR camera. Lucky for her she’s got a whole new country to explore with her camera in hand and to keep practicing her new found hobby. For an amateur she shows a lot of potential and seems really excited to get out and explore not only the world of photography, but also her new home. After a hiccup with the elevator system we had to shift her exhibit up a few weeks and we’re happy to have her up for the remainder of this month up until the end of August.


Tell us briefly about yourself:

My name is Hameem Sarwar and I’m 18 years old. I’m from Pakistan and moved to Sweden 3 years ago. Besides photography, I like exploring new places and that encourages me to take photos. I’m also an animal lover which can be clearly seen in my photos.


When did you realize you wanted to work with art?

Ever since I was a child, I had interest in arts and crafts, though I never really played with photography equipment but my father used to do photography and he and his work inspired me to give it a shot. And finally two years ago I started taking photography seriously and learning new things.


How did you develop your style as an artist?

I personally think that I really don’t have a specific style and as for now I don’t want to confine myself to a certain theme or style. I want to experiment with all kinds of genres. But sooner or later I will find something that interests me the most and will pursue it as my major.


Can you tell us a little bit more about this style of art?

As I already said that I don’t have a specific style but if I still talk about my style at this point, I’d say that I’m more into architecture, my photos have a cool, vibrant and sharp effect. I also do portraits and try to give them a dramatic mood. As for nature photos, I like to give them a serene feel. I’m more into cityscapes than landscapes.


What is art and how is it important to you?

To me, art is a way of saying things that you can’t speak. An artist’s artworks are a direct reflection of their personality. Through art you can change people’s perspectives about things and through art you can try to bring a little change to the world itself. My photography is important for my well-being and it makes my happy.


Are there any artists who inspire you?

There aren’t any yet.


Have you ever done anything socially or politically motivated?

Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything for social betterment yet. But I’m strongly against women oppression, which is more common in the part of the world I come from and I want to use my art to make a difference. And I will, soon.


How often do you travel (in or outside of Sweden) and do you ever try to work abroad?

I love to travel but due to my extensive course, I’m unable to do it at the moment. But as soon as I’m free, I’ll travel more and explore new places.


What was your last big project and how did it go?

For me, exhibiting here at Kaknästornet at this young age is a huge achievement and is a sign that great things are on their way.


What are some short and long term goals?

For short term, my goal is to grow as a person, learn more and also grow as a photographer and as it is concerned with long term, I want to travel the world and be happy and satisfied with whatever I do.