Battle of the Bands Finals

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Quantum Refrigerator – 2018 Battle of the Band champions!

Several weeks ago we made a short clip calling anyone and everyone to step up and perform for us in order to win cash prizes and the honor of being our first ever champions of the Tower of Love. We got a lot of response from different types of bands and had a tough time choosing the initial few. Eventually though, after listening to some of their songs, demos and videos we handpicked 16 bands and artists and grouped them all in similar genres. We had metal groups, glam rock bands, solo artists and even one jazz band that played wind and string instruments while singing through something that looked like an old bird house from the 1950’s.

We offered some food and cheap beers for the bands to enjoy while they rigged up and did sound checks. We were just itching to get started and listen to these bands play live for us and couldn’t wait to get started. Finally at 9 PM on May 11th the first band went up to play and started rocking the Tower. From then on it was all out fun each week on Fridays and Saturdays with a good turnout, not too many complaints from the restaurant below, happy judges and even happier band members. We had a tough decision to make each week as all the bands were really talented but in the end it was left to the final four: Moodstone, The Imperfects, Diamond Bullet and Quantum Refrigerator.

After letting the bands eat from a small buffet we let them setup and kicked off the evening a little earlier at 8 PM starting with Moodstone. Moodstone came out rocking, with great energy, good vocals and an insane drum solo from their Mississippi based drummer. The judges were left amazed by their technique and scored them really high that night. The Imperfects were up next and they had an incredible presence on the stage with a really wild and loud audience (which is a good thing!). They had great interactions with the judges and the crowd and had you really feeling a part of their show. Their music was great and they are a seriously talented group of guys. The crowd and the band members were covered in sweat after their show and had some well deserved cold beers after their set. The third band to play that night was Diamond Bullet, a sleaze rock styled band with a great guitarist and awesome lead vocals. Their singer was an intense blue haired rocker with a voice to back it up. They brought their whole possé and rocked the Skybar with great energy! After leaving our judges semi deaf it was time for the last band to play for the night – Quantum Refrigerator. These guys are young, loud and very different. Playing progressive rock and having songs well over the 5 minute mark, they entered the contest as wildcards and ended up winning the judges musical hearts. They brought an intense energy with crazy solos by both the drummer and bass. They had shown the most improvement over the entire competition and each time they played we could see their determination to win. Seen as the underdogs as they barely made it through the first round, the judges were out of their seats after Quantums set was done. It was a unanimous decision that they were our champions for 2018. Needless to say they were super pumped on winning and when asked to play one last song as the victors of Battle of the Bands they did it with just as much energy, if not more, as when they started. Second place went to The Imperfects. Much older than the rest of our participants we thought these guys gave Quantum a good run for their money (literally) and deserved second place above the rest.

We’d like to thank every single band member, band, fan, groupie, parent and random guests that showed up to support the participants each night. Without all of you the event wouldn’t have been a success. Right now we’re talking about hosting another one in the near future – so watch this space for more!