Battle of the Bands Semi Finals

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A few weeks ago we started our first ever Battle of the Bands music contest – a battle royale style live music contest held in our Skybar on Fridays and Saturdays. We went out with a short video and some info asking bands to send us material if they were interested in playing for us. After getting sorting through a bunch of applicants, we hand picked 16 bands out of all the applicants and tried our best to make sure there was enough variety between the bands. We included rock bands, solo artists, acoustic bands, bluegrass and even a jazz 1920’s inspired jazz band!


Each evening we’ve started at 9 PM with 4 different bands, with different styles, going head to head. Each band played for 20(ish) minutes and were scored on several different criteria. These included performance/appearance, vocals, lyrics and energy and many others. A final score out of 100 was given and with four judges it was a total score out of 400 points. Some nights we had clear winners, other nights the point differences were +- 5 points making it really, really difficult to pick winners. In the end we picked 8 bands to go through to the semi finals: Human Highlight Reel, Shaky, The Bafoons, The Imperfects, Overbooked, Quantum Refrigerator, Diamond Bullet and Moodstone.

This weekend we had an even harder time picking the bands for finals. All bands rocked the Tower with great music and awesome performances. A real standout for Saturday was Quantum Refrigerator – they really surprised us with new material and a much more intense show. We really noticed a change in their attitude and it was like night and day between their two performances, big shout out to those guys! These are the kind of changes we’re looking for and take note of when we will be deciding an overall winner for our contest. Initially we had planned to have four bands in the final but we had to throw in a wild card (Quantum) because of their great performance, new material and fire up on the stage.

For our final on June 16th we’ll be starting at 8 PM after the bands have gotten some food. Each band will have 20 minutes again to perform their best songs and this time we’re looking for as much new material as possible – this will be rewarded very well!

The following bands are in our final now: Moodstone, The Imperfects, Diamond Bullet, Shaky and wildcards Quantum Refrigerator.