Valborg – Cure the hangover with our all-you-can-eat brunch buffet!

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Fires, songs, brunches and celebrations

Valborg is an age old tradition for Sweden and many other European countries. It has roots linking back to the Middle Ages and Christianity. Giant fires were lit to keep dark forces (usually witches) at bay while the local folk celebrated. Plenty of food and drinking was had in the Middle Ages and that hasn’t seemed to have changed much today. It’s said to be THE drinking day of the year for Swedes. This year Valborg falls on a Monday so expect it to be a wild weekend and an even wilder Monday due to the public holiday on Tuesday. We will be open on Tuesday, don’t worry! In fact, we’ll be serving our famous brunch buffet from Saturday all the way through to Tuesday. This is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the view while nursing the inevitable hangover that comes as a bi-product of Valborg celebrations.


Look out for large (structured) fires in your neighborhoods – most will be having at least one or have one nearby to attend. There’s usually singing involved as well and it can make for a cool outing for the family, especially with kids.

After you’re done celebrating you can come find us up in the Tower to enjoy brunch. We’ve got two services (11:00 and 14:00) each day from Saturday through to Tuesday. It’s 315 SEK for adults and a bit cheaper for kids. All-you-can eat Swedish/American style! Call us on 08-667 21 80 or book online here!