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Who will come out on top?

When you get to the 30th floor of Kaknästornet you’re often greeted with a calm atmosphere, smooth jazz playing through the sound system and a variety of artwork (unless you’re there on a weekend then you have the chance of being overrun by excited kids). You wouldn’t think that in such a small space, live music would be an option – well, it has been and it will be.

In the past we’ve hosted many events, parties and even the occasional wedding ceremony. We’ve even snuck in a few bands every now and then for these parties. Last year, when we had our very own 50th birthday, we had a live band playing up stairs as well as a guitar duo playing downstairs.

For a while now we’ve been talking about trying to get live music here more regularly. We believe it’s a unique venue for musicians and their groupies to play at – which is why we’re doing our first (of hopefully many) Battle of the Bands contests.

We’ve gotten a few sponsors and set the cash prizes at 7000:- and 3000:- for first and second place respectively. There’s no specific type of act that we’re looking for so come one, come all. We’ll provide the equipment but if you’re dead-set on playing on your B.C Rich guitar then you’re more than welcome to bring it along. We’re looking to start on May 11th with the final being June 16th. The format will see a total of 16 bands total – four bands on Fridays, four bands on Saturdays with the best two from each night advancing to the next round.

The rules are pretty straight forward:

  • Free entry but you have to submit your band to be considered before April 2nd to
  • 16 bands total, four bands play each Friday and Saturday starting 8 PM. Bands advance through rounds each week. The final will be held on June 16th.
  • Any genre of music is accepted. Don’t worry if you’re a rock band, a Capella or even a singer/songwriter.
  • No need for equipment.
  • 30 minutes per band. Use this time to setup AND play.

Here is the link to the Facebook event! Watch this space for more info!

If you’re too lazy to read through all this text you can watch a quick clip where we explain what’s going on and how it’ll go down for Battle of the Bands Kaknästornet!


Battle of the Bands Kaknästornet! We've got several submissions but we want more! Send us links to whatever music you have if you want to stand a chance to win cash prizes and be crowned the champs of BoBK 2018! your submissions to

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