Artist of the Month – Persefoni Nestorudi

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A returning favorite

Foto: P-A Nilsson

Two years have gone since the last time she hung her art on our walls, and Persefoni is back for round two. This time she has brought a great balance between contrasting colors, powerful portraits of women and emotion. After studying building engineering and architecture, Persefoni has made a name for herself within the Stockholm art world. With a name inspired by Greek mythology, it’s no wonder she has gravitated towards art, much like the Greeks themselves did. In the stories Persefoni was a goddess who was abducted by Hades, the lord of the Underworld . She was only allowed to return for parts of the year. When she returned she brought the changing of seasons – winter and spring. It seems almost too perfect that the artist of the month, Persefoni, is hanging her work on our walls as we shift in to the coming winter season.

A link to her previous interview can be found here, Instagram, Facebook and website.

You’ve been here before, what’s changed since you were last here?

Yes, now it’s been exactly two years since I was here last. Time flies! What’s changed since then? Quite a lot, thank goodness! If you don’t develop and change then there’s probably something wrong. I’ve traveled a lot since before been inspired by colors and shapes. I’ve been inspired by graffiti and street art. Maybe not in the techniques used but the color choices. I’m probably a little more braver in my art now. But still, it’s a process and I believe you’re never really finished learning.

Tell us a little about the work you will be putting up this time.

This time you’ll be seeing a mix of both older and new work. Maybe you’ll notice a development through the works themselves. I’ll leave that up to the viewer. Along with my originals here I also have some fine art prints as well.

You said that art is important for your soul and it’s a personal journey for you. Have you ever used your art to voice your opinions on social issues or injustices that go on around the world?

I’ve contributed my work to Tilita’s Organization for Women. They hosted a great art vernissage with a lot of artists. You can read more about them on their website,

Have you ever done art while traveling or gotten inspiration from being abroad?

I’m inspired by everything. I love travelling and can get inspired by a marketplace, colors of buildings, an old wooden door or even food. I take in everything from my travels and process it. After a month or months I may get a feeling or impression from something and then work with it. During my trips im usually just sketching in my sketchbook.