The cold is back but so are our soups!

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Soup, soup and more soup!

Things have been a little quiet on the blog over the last few weeks but we’re back and ready to keep you posted (pun very much intended) on what we’re up to here at the Tower.

September 22 marks the official end to Summer 2017 and as we move forward through the calendar we move into some colder months of the year. Nothing beats the cold better than a good, hot soup and that’s exactly why we’ve brought back soups into the weekly rotation of foods available here at the Tower of Love.

It’s believed that the first soup was made around 6000 BC and was made from hippopotamus. No worries, we won’t be serving hippo anytime soon but each week our chefs will be cooking up new and exciting soups for you to enjoy. To start things off we’ll be having pumpkin and sour apple soup with hazelnuts. What’s a better war to start the autumn season than a pumpkin soup? We may not be that big on Halloween this side of the world but pumpkins are universally known for being the root veg of choice when it comes to autumn!

There are several different types of soups, ranging from broth based soups to chowders and even to cold soups, known as gazpacho and served mostly in warmer countries like Spain. Everyone enjoys a good soup even Abe Lincoln and Andy Warhol, who’s created the 32 Soup Cans piece of art. So why not come on up to Kaknästornet and grab yourself a bowl of soup and enjoy the beautiful views of Stockholm that you can only find at Stockholm’s highest restaurant and bar!

As always, we get quite full during lunch times so please be sure to call ahead of time to book your table or alternatively you can find the booking section right here. You’ll also skip out on the entrance fee if you book ahead of time so that’s even more reason to give us a call! Our lunches still cost 125 SEK which includes water, coffee or tea, bread and access to a small salad bar.