Route of Sweden 2017 – right at our doorstep!

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Sports cars en route to a great time (and great parties)!

Four years ago the first ever Route of Sweden took place and it’s become a recurring event since then. Think of it as the Gumball 3000, but in Sweden and with mostly Swedish drivers. Although much shorter than its 3000 mile counterpart, Route of Sweden still covers a hefty amount of ground (or road) and takes 6 days and 5 nights to complete. Their slogan, “This is not a competition, but who wants to finish last?” gives off a relaxed vibe but who could resist speeding away in their supercar to try and make it to the next pit stop in pole position?

The journey begins July 27th at 13:00 in our very own parking lot outside of Kaknästornet and covers some 1400 odd kilometers of Swedish roads, stopping at “the best summer towns” along the way. Each stop involves a stay in a hotel, dinner and of course a night out on the town. Judging by the video they have put up on their Facebook, Route of Sweden knows how to party, and responsibly (I hope). They have a zero tolerance policy to drinking and driving as stated in their Rules of Conduct and will kick anyone from the event if they’re caught doing so.

The drivers will be meeting up at around 10am in our parking lot and that will be your chance to meet some of the drivers, maybe snap a few pictures and get some good social media material with loads of fancy cars in the background. From Kaknästornet they head over to Jönköping, then to Malmö even Denmark for a quick cruise), Borgholm and so on and so on all the while gaining traction and support for their growing event each year. If you’re interested joining them next year, send them an email via their website or Facebook but expect to be paying well over 20 000 SEK to participate. This seems to cover cost of living and probably dinners as well, doubtful of the drinks though!

Don’t forget that if you are interested in seeing them, get here before 13:00 because that’s when they’re driving off and starting their route!