Our Daily Lunches – week 25 (19/6-23/6)

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An International take on food for the week!

Hey everyone another week has gone by and it’s time for another update on our daily lunches! Sadly this will be the last time for a few weeks that we’ll be serving a different meal each day. For the next few weeks we’ll be doing weekly lunches instead. No worries though, everything is still made to order and includes the usual stuff like water, tea/coffee, bread and our mini salad buffet. The busy season is in full swing so make sure you book your table ASAP to avoid any disappointment when you arrive.

Seeing as it’s the last daily lunch menu for a few weeks we’re doing things a little differently and unconventionally this week so here’s what’s coming out of the kitchen this week!

Monday will see our kitchen cooking up Louisiana fried chicken served together with mashed potatoes and gravy. This is our own take on KFC and we feel that it’ll leave even the Colonel a little jealous – don’t miss out! Alternatively we’ll be serving a South African curry with cod. This Cape-Malay style curry is really popular in South Africa so if you’ve travelled that way before and want to reminisce a little, be sure to order this one.

On Tuesday we’ll have pork schnitzel cordon bleu with fried potatoes and a anchovy/caper infused butter. Schnitzel cordon bleu is  schnitzel (which is tenderized, flattened meat that’s breaded) wrapped around a piece of cheese and cooked. Our fish dish for Tuesday will be Cod with bouillabaisse emulsion, served together with in-house pickled cucumber and fennel chips.

Wednesday, or the halfway mark for all the 9 – 5’ers out there will see the Tower dishing out lasagne with our very own home-made tomato sauce and a salad. This salad isn’t your regular salad though. It’s made from chopped and shredded veggies and served without a dressing. In Swedish it’s known as “råkostsallad”. For all you Pescatarians our there we’ll have hand made fish patties with a saffron sauce. Did you know that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world? The price per kilo ranges from $1000 – 11 000 which puts it on average, more expensive than gold! Wow who would have thought? They usually keep it in special containers at grocery stores so no one can just grab one and hid it in their pocket.

Thirsty Thursday see’s our awesome chef’s cooking a Swedish classic – “raggmunk” with pork and lingonberries. A raggmunk is a larger pancake made from potatoes instead of flour and is usually the size of the plate it’s served on. If that’s not your thing then we’re also serving a Spanish inspired paella. Paella is essentially a colorful and aromatic stew served with white rice and is more often than not, served as a seafood paella. There’s usually rice, green and white beans, spices and some form of meat of fish as well. Many non-Spaniards see it as Spain’s national dish and it’s really popular for tourists and locals alike.

On Friday our restaurant will be closed due to the Swedish Midsummer celebrations!

Our veg dish of the week has already shown to be popular with 22 orders already put in since Thursday. It’ll be another South African dish – vegetarian bunny chow. It doesn’t exactly sound vegetarian or PETA friendly but it’s a great tasting and practical dish to both eat and make! It’s a vegetable curry served inside of a hollowed bread loaf, a breadbowl essentially. Eat the curry, eat the serving dish and skip out on washing your plate (not that you wash your plates at the Tower anyways!)

Our salad of the week is another foreign inspired dish, this time from every Swedes favorite sunny destination – Thailand. Papaya salad will be served out of our kitchen all week so if your feeling for it – come give it a try!