Our Daily Lunches – week 24 (12/6-16/6)

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Don’t miss this weeks Mediterranean-esque special!

We had a great weekend here at the Tower of Love with tons of satisfied guests from all over the globe! Now we’re firing up the kitchen again and we have our daily lunch menu ready for you to see. Now we’re really pushing it in to the high season and pretty much every day we are slammed full, so make sure you call ahead of time to secure a table. Maybe even call a day or two ahead of time! You can also book online and see the available seating.

Starting the week as always with a Monday, we’ll be serving roast beef with a potato salad and roasted onions to go on top. Our fish option will be steamed fish. The fish of choice will be haddock, a North Atlantic fish, served together with horseradish and a poached egg with brown-butter sauce as well.

Tuesday will have the kitchen cooking up chicken confit. The chicken is cooked in it’s own fats, then cooled and preserved. This is a really old way of preserving meats and has been around for centuries. The chicken will be served with potatoes, pickled onions and a smoked aioli alongside. Fish of the day will be roulades. This is a roll of fish or meat, stuffed with herbs and a paste or sauce. We’ll be serving ours from plaice and it’ll be stuffed with a shellfish mousse and have a creamy chive sauce on top.

Wednesday is the halfway point of week 24 and there’s no better way to celebrate the so called “humpday” than by grabbing lunch at the Tower. If meat isn’t your thing on a Wednesday, we always have a fish option and a vegetarian option as well. The fish will be saithe tabbouleh with shrimps and a yoghurt based sauce on the side. Tabbouleh is a Levant (eastern mediterranean) dish, usually without meat, consisting of chopped parsley, onions, sometimes mint and even couscous or bulgur.. We’re changing the standard a little and adding in saithe to the mix. So expect to see a lot of colors on this one!

On Thursday our chefs are going to be serving you roasted veal, with potatoes, a blackberry jelly, cream sauce and pickled cucumbers. The veal will be slow-roasted overnight keeping it extra tender and allowing for the meat to be properly infused with the spices. Our fish dish of the day fish and seafood stew served together with a citrus cream on top.

We’ll be ending the week strong at the Tower for the working week 24, and serving a creamy pasta with sliced beef. We’re making a creamy dijon sauce for the pasta and adding some slow-cooked, sliced beef to the mix. To top it off, some parmesan cheese to counter the taste of the dijon sauce! Don’t like dijon, or pasta, or beef? Buttered cod together with asparagus, potatoes and a hollandaise sauce to match.

For the herbivores out there, our veg dish for the week will be quinoa salad. Chopped beats and haloumi will be served alongside the quinoa to add to this colorful array of veggies.

If you’re looking for salad but still want some extra protein from a meat source, try our shrimp salad. It’ll be served on a bed of lettuce together with an egg and lemon mayo.

As always, feel free to call us and ask any questions you might have regarding the menu. See you then!