Our Daily Lunches – week 23 (5/6-9/6)

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A few International twists along a Swedish Classic!

June is already here and that means Sweden is celebrating it’s birthday! Tuesday June 6th is the Swedish National Day and yet another “red day”. On Tuesday we’ll be having a classic Swedish dish to celebrate so come on up and join us! You’ll also be able to have a great view of the races happening at Gärdet from our restaurant or Skybar.

As always, our lunches cost 125 SEK and if you book a table the elevator trip is free of charge. Coffee, tea, water, bread and a simple salad buffet is included as well.

We’ll be starting the week off serving plaice with a Danish remoulade sauce that’s made in house. Alongside the fish will be buttered potatoes. Our meat option for Monday will be a casserole made from a mix of chorizo and salsiccia sausage served on rice. We’ve chosen a mild chorizo sausage to pair together with the otherwise mild salsiccia. So don’t worry it won’t be super spicy! If you have somewhat of a “weaker” palate then don’t forget water is available at all times (and booze!).

Tuesday will see our chefs cooking up some haddock, mashed potatoes, horseradish and a browned butter sauce. Horseradish is typically quite tasteless and odorless, but once the plant cells break down (by chopping, chewing, cutting etc) it releases a chemical known as a mustard oil. This is why it burns a little when we eat it. Hash Bellman will be served on Tuesday which is quite fitting as it’s the Swedish National Day as well. A hash is usually cut or chopped bits of meat and/or potatoes fried together. Hash Bellman uses strictly beef as it’s meat and is cooked together with a cream sauce. The dish is named after the famous Swedish poet, Carl Michael Bellman who is a central figure in the Swedish literature and music scene, even to this day.

On Wednesday we’ll be serving saithe baked together with chilli and served with chorizo, rice & beans and yoghurt. Not entirely a meat free dish but give this Central American styled fish dish a chance! Alternatively there will be blackened-chicken served together with creamed corn and roasted veggies.

Thursday’s two lunch dishes will be salted cod and veggies together with a lemony-hollandaise. A beef patty will be your other option. This’ll be served alongside potatoes, lingonberries and a cream sauce. This is another Swedish classic that shouldn’t be missed!

We all like to end the working week on a good note, so on Friday we’ll be sprucing up our fish dish. Sesame baked cod is being served with jasmine rice and a special soya infused brown butter sauce. Otherwise a veal roast together with a root vegetable medley and a green pepper sauce will be available as well.

This week’s salad will be a tasty chicken salad tossed with our in-house grilled pepper sauce. This isn’t anything spicy so don’t worry!

Boost your immune system with this week’s vegetarian dish! We’ll be serving beets with a chèvre cream sauce, pine nuts and broccoli. Chèvre is a french cheese made from goats milk and pairs great with beets and broccoli.