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30 second Ascension!

Another Swedish “red day”! Today is Ascension Day although you may know it as Holy Thursday or Feast of the Ascension depending on what part of the English speaking world you’re from. In short, Ascension Day is meant to celebrate the day Jesus’ ascended to heaven. At the Tower of Love it takes about 30 seconds to ascend, not 40 days – so come and join us!

Ascension Day is one of Christianity’s oldest celebrated festivals and even holds itself in some countries that are not necessarily heavily Christianized anymore. Christians believe that 40 days after Easter, Jesus took his disciples out to the Mount of Olives where he began his ascension to heaven in front of his students. Although there is no written evidence of celebrating this event before 4th century, it’s widely believed that an annual feast was held from the year 68 onwards. Ascension Day marks the end of the Easter season and although some Churches and practices continue until the following Sunday.

In many countries it’s considered a public holiday and places like offices and banks will usually be closed down for the day. Lots of people will often take Friday off work as well to get a long weekend in, thus slowing things down for the larger part of the week.

Celebrating this holiday doesn’t have to be a religious act. In Sweden, to celebrate, some people wake up really early (4 am) to listen to the birds singing in the morning as the sun rises. It’s said that if you hear a cuckoo from the east or west it’s considered good luck!In fact, simply having something “ascend” is enough. You could fly a kite, release some balloons (although that’s not best for the environment!) or even just sit back and cloud watch. We decide to take a literal interpretation to the Feast of the Ascension and have decided to serve you all our brunch buffet! So come on up and “ascend” the Tower of Love to feast at our brunch buffet today!

Prices for adults are 295 SEK/PP, kids 0 – 2 eat for free, 3 – 6 is 75 SEK, 7 – 15 is 150 SEK. That includes of course coffee, tea, water and bread!