Our Daily Lunches – week 21 (22/5-26/5)

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Ascension Day means an extra day of Brunch!

Every week we offer Stockholm some pretty amazing lunch deals. 125:- will get you a meal (meat, fish, veg or salad), coffee or tea, water, bread and access to our salad buffet. If you book ahead of time you even avoid the 70:- elevator fee. So make sure to do that now because you don’t want to miss some of the meals our chefs are whipping up this week! Included in the mix this week is an extra day of Brunch because of Ascension Day, or “Kristi Himmelsfärd” as it’s known as here in Sweden. 

If you like beetroots then Monday is a good day for you here at the Tower. We’ll be doing fried pork with mustard stewed potatoes and red beets. Alternatively we will have saithe with salted beetroots, buttered mushrooms and a brown-butter sauce to go on top of it all.

Tuesday we’re offering pasta bolognese. Our bolognese will be made from tender oxtail and prime rib that are slow-cooked for several hours before being used for the sauce. Fish for that day will be poached cod served shrimps and lathered in a spinach sauce. We’ve thrown in spinach for this recipe not only because Popeye loves it, but it’s considered a super food and is jam packed with tons of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Did you know that spinach can help in revitalizing the skin because of its high nutrient content? Something to think about with this crazy weather we’re experiencing.

This Wednesday our kitchen will be serving slow-cooked pork together with mashed turnips and a horseradish sauce. Horseradish can be quite pungent but when added to a cream based sauce, it pairs perfectly with most meats. Seafood pasta will be available on Wednesday and our seafood pasta is being made fresh clams and shrimp.

On Thursday some of the lucky few won’t be heading to work and will hopefully be coming up to the Tower of Love instead! It’s a “red day” here in Sweden and for those of you who aren’t locals – it’s a public holiday. We’ll be serving our regular brunch buffet that day with over 40 different dishes to choose from. Pricings are 295:- PP for adults; children 0-2 free; 3-6 75:- and 7-15 150:-. We have a few different time options, mostly to spread out the guests and they are as follows: 11:00; 11:15; 11:30 and 14:00; 14:15 and 14:30.

Friday or Friyay as it’s been referred to in the past,  signals the end of the working week. If you’re crafty you’ve taken this day off for an extra long weekend. So why not come up for lunch with us and start your weekend off on a high note at our Skybar afterwards? We’ll be serving “sjömansbiff” which translates to “sailors beef”. It’s beef, onions and potatoes slow cooked in some beer. If you’re abstaining from booze in all forms, including that used in cooking, then we’ll gladly serve you bouillabaisse with a lime aioli and croutons. Bouillabaisse is a fish stew originating from the Marseille region in France. The stew uses a Provencal base, which includes (although not always) garlic, tomatoes, fennel, saffron, thyme, bay and sometimes even citrus fruit.

If meat and fish aren’t your thing we always have a veg option available. Our vegetarian option for week is baked celeriac and caramelized onions, served alongside beans and pine nuts. All of this, with a brown butter sauce to go on top!

If you’re feeling for something a little lighter for lunch, we have a salad option as well. This weeks salad will be a salmon salad with a mustard vinaigrette.

Contact us now to get your table booked before its too late!