Recap of our 50th birthday party!

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In case you missed our 50th birthday – it was awesome

A few days ago we finally got to celebrate the towers’ 50th birthday! The sun was up bright and early (just like our boss!) for a really spectacular day on Saturday. As advertised there was plenty of stuff for people of all shapes and sizes to do. Outside in our parking lot Teracom had set up a huge tent, a bounce house, food trucks and several benches. Inside of the tent, coffee, cinnamon rolls and cake were handed out for free to the guests. There was a few photo-booths and some informational displays which played a few short clips about the history of the Tower and Teracom. The kids enjoyed building towers of cardboard or Lego and had the opportunity to get their faces painted.

We started the day by opening at 10 AM as always, but before we could even open we had a few people waiting patiently outside to get to the top (who were being serenaded by two guitarists as they waited in line to enter). Once we opened there was a constant stream of people pouring into the Tower. Each person that entered the Tower received a bag when they left which had some postcards, a puzzle, a sticker, informational brochures, an umbrella and a pair of BBQ gloves, perfect for the summer season! We had about 600 bags to give out and all were gone by about 3 PM, with people still asking for them later on that evening. We served our regular brunch buffet for lunch which was fully booked for both times, then continued on to our á la carte serving for dinner which was almost just as full. During the daytime we had live music from our friends MOONLAND, featuring Sandra, who works at the Tower. Together they sang covers from the 60’s with their own flair added into the mix. By about 8 PM MOONLAND did their own set of music and with a guest list of 40+ in addition to the regular guests who were in the tower at the time, it turned out to be quite a show!