Our Daily Lunches – week 20 (5/8 – 5/12)

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Middle aged meals and Nordic specialities

Week 20 is here and we’re already halfway through this month! This weekend was our 50th celebration which was awesome, and for once the weather cooperated with us! We have a few different things coming out of the kitchen this week including a classic Nordic dish from the middle ages!

As always, call us (+46(08)-667 21 80) or book online to reserve your lunch table and skip out on the 70 SEK elevator ride.

We’ll start the week off serving a minced lamb patty with couscous and tzatziki on Monday. Couscous, the food so nice they named it twice! It’s small balls of wheat that are steamed or cooked in some boiling water. Couscous is often found in North African cuisine and some Mediterranean dishes as well. Alternatively we have poached cod which we’ll be serving alongside chive veloute. Veloute is a basic white sauce and is considered one of the 5 “mother sauces” and is often used as a base for other sauces.

On Tuesday our kitchen will have BBQ pork loin with oven roasted potatoes and aioli. What could possibly go wrong with this meal? Meat, potatoes and possibly the greatest sauce in the world. Aioli is made from garlic and olive oil and literally means the same thing in Catalan. The fish of the day will be a butter-baked saithe and oven roasted parsnips served with a dill cream sauce.

Wednesday is a day for a classic – beef stroganoff. Stroganoff is about as Russian as it gets but has been popularized around the world now, with some regions having their own variations. If beef isn’t on your meal of choice for a Wednesday lunch then we’ll also have a creamy fish stew which we will be topping with a citrus aioli.

On Thursday we’ll have a juicy veal roast for you meat lovers out there. It’ll be served with pickled cucumbers and a cream sauce. Feeling pescaterian? Try out a Nordic classic on Thursday – Gravlax. It will be served  together with potatoes in a creamy dill sauce. Raw salmon is cured with salt, sugar and dill and then served in thin slices. Translated it literally means “to dig” and “salmon”. This dish originated from Nordic fisherman who were trying to keep their fish from spoiling by burying it just below the high tide line in the middle ages.

Friday will see us serving a honey-grilled flank steak with potato salad. On top of that, we’re adding our very own herb butter to melt over your steak and make it even more delicious than it already is! The fish dish for Friday is going to be salted cod, root vegetables and roasted tomatoes. On top will be a shellfish sauce made from lobster and mussels.

Our lunch meals are still priced at 125 SEK  and this comes with tea/coffee, salad and bread as well!