30 seconds to the top of the Tower

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The Cookie-Nose Tower

A quick 30 second elevator ride is all it takes to be standing in one of Scandinavia’s tallest buildings and Stockholms highest restaurant and bar. On a clear day you can enjoy the views of Stockholm and it’s surroundings for up to 60 kilometers. In 1967 the construction of Kaknästornet, originally designed by Bengt Lindroos and Hans Borgström, was completed. Today the tower serves as a telecommunications tower but also has a restaurant and bar at the very top, which is open to public.

The area Kaknäs refers to medieval village which was found nearby. The name is a combination of “kaka”, meaning good harvest, and “näs” meaning a strait. Kaknäs falls under the larger area known as “Ekoparken”, which was the world’s first National City Park. So sadly no, it doesn’t translate to the “Cookie-Nose Tower”. Construction began in 1963 when architects Lindroos and Borgström worked together with the contracting company Yngve Kullenberg Byggnads AB. Although some may say Kaknästornet is “ugly”, it’s part of an architectural trend known as neo-Brutalism which was popularized in the 50’s and onwards. It’s used primarily for governmental buildings and consists of large, angular concrete shapes. The entire building took only 35 days to complete, averaging at 4 meters built per day. The tower was inaugurated on May 12th by Olof Palme who was the Minister of Communication at the time. The Swedish artist, Walter Bengtsson, used enamelled copper to create a piece of art that covers all the walls of the ground floor and called it “Spelrum Futurum”. There’s a thin layer of gold on the windows which help reflect most of the sunlight and give the tower a unique look. In a more modern artistic twist, Teracom, the communications company operating from the tower, have installed LED lights which they use during special events.

At 155 meters above the Stockholm skyline and located in the pristine Stockholm area known as Djurgården, the tower is a landmark for the city and tourists visit it daily. On average around 200 000 guests visit per year to eat at the restaurant or enjoy a cup of coffee with the best view in town.

Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee or a sit down meal and a few glasses of red, come and pay us a visit and see why so many people from all across the world make their way up to Kaknästornet, the Tower of Love.