Our daily lunches – week 19 (5/8 – 5/12)

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One week out from our 50 year anniversary!

Wow it’s already been another week here at the Tower of Love. The grass has gotten greener and the weather was really great all week (except for right now!). This weeks daily lunches are sounding really good!

Don’t forget to mark the 13th on your calendars because we’re celebrating the Tower’s 50th anniversary! Come on up and enjoy some live music, brunch and a great view of course. We’ll also be handing out some free stuff to the first couple of guests who arrive so be here at 10 AM to not miss out!

As always, that our food is made with you in mind so don’t hesitate to give us a call or ask the staff any questions you may have. Here’s a link to the booking page so you can secure that table this week. PS: table 23 is the best seat in the house for two people!

Monday’s kitchen will be doing steamed cod with a seafood sauce and dilled potatoes. The seafood sauce is a lobster, shellfish and herb broth slow cooked to perfection. The meat dish will be blackened chicken with roasted wheat berries and a homemade pepper sauce. A wheat berry is the entire kernel of wheat, which includes the bran and germ. These are much better alternative to rice and corn and give you much more protein and fiber!

Tuesday will have us serving Plaice roulades. These roll-ups will be served with a shellfish mousse inside and a tangy lemon sauce to go with it. This French inspired dish literally translates to “roll” in English and is typically made from meat. We’ve taken our own aim at it by deciding to go with fish instead. Speaking of meat, we’ll be having mustard-baked pork loin with sauerkraut, roast potatoes and a red-wine sauce.

Wednesday, aka “hump day” aka “lillördag” here in Sweden, is the halfway mark for the working week 19. We’ll be serving fried herring with a brown-butter sauce over potato purée and a side of lingonberries. This one’s a classic here in Sweden. The meat option will be a tender cut of pork fried to perfection and served with a slow-cooked onion sauce.

Thursday’s lunches include a homemade fish cake served alongside mashed potatoes, green peas and a light butter sauce over the top. The meat option for the day will be a minced veal patty, with mashed potatoes, green peas and the same light butter sauce.

Friday marks the end of the working week. So before you join us upstairs for an afterwork, or go out bar hopping come and enjoy baked saithe paired with a tomato salad, shrimp and a grilled citrus vinaigrette. If you’re not feeling fishy on Friday we are offering veal provencale with fried potatoes and a homemade garlic butter. Provencale is a dish cooked in a sauce of tomato, garlic, olive oil and herbs.

As always make sure to book your table ahead of time to avoid the elevator fee and guarantee your seat in the restaurant, see you there!