Out with the Old, in with the New

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We’ve changed out the winter menu for a new summer menu!


In preparation for the coming summer season, our chefs have put together a menu that will definely have you leaving the Tower of Love in the highest of summer spirits. There’s a couple of classic Swedish summer dishes with our own twists added to them. If you have any questions regarding our menu, including what or who made it – don’t hesitate to contact us on either +46(0)8-667 21 80 or email us at

For our summer appetizers we’ve chosen to go with a mild Whitefish Roe, which has a light gold colour and slightly sweet taste to it. This is a great starter to one of our fish mains that wil be served all summer long. We’ve added Beef Tartar for those of you who feel fancy, or adventerous or even a bit of both! This dish was originally served during the early 20th century in French restaurants and is served throughout Europe, so why not here at Kaknästornet? Served with a raw egg yolk on top, wash it down with the recommended red, Castiglioni Chianti DOCG. Chévre Chaud is a warm goat cheese salad. The cheese is broiled for a bit before being placed upon a bed of greens.

Whether you’re a meat eater, fish eater or even herbivore – the Tower of Love has you covered. Our á la cárte menu. We’ll be serving two types of fish this season, cod and char. Atlantic Cod is used in our restaurant, which provides a good, dense and flakey fillet. The cod is salted and will be served together with shrimp, egg, potatoes and some horseradish to add an extra bite to the meal. Char is a close relative to the trout and salmon and just like them, is found in colder fresh-water. The meat from the char is flakey with a medium firmness and depending on when it was caught can be anywhere from pink to red. It’s going to be fried and served with the classic European mushroom, chanterelle.

Our two meat options this season are beef and pork. The beef we’ve chosen this time is an Angus Steak, which we’ll be serving with a red-wine sauce and pommes neuf. These are basically extra thick cut french fries perfect for dipping in sauce. It’s no secret that angus cattle give some of the best cuts of meat in the beef world – thats exactly why we’re serving it to you this summer so don’t miss out! Secondly, we’re serving a Iberico Pork Chops. Iberico hogs are famous for being humanely raised in the regions of Spain and Portugal and prized for their marbled meat. These pork chops will be served with a sausage that we will be making in-house! It’ll also be served alongside a roasted tomato salad and potatoes.

Our vegetarian options this summer will be our Haloumi Burger and Seasons Primers. The haloumi is lightly fried and served witha truffle aoili together with sweet potato fries. Seasons primers is the vegetables currently found in season, so this will vary from period to period. Feel free to ask the staff what’s currently in season and don’t forget to ask about what wine is best paired with what meal!

For our dessert options, the only change we’ve made their is créme brûlée. We’ll be making this sweet treat in-house and full of love so be sure to order one (or two) to enjoy after your meal with us.

We look forward to seeing you and recieving your feedback on our new summer menu, book now!