Watch your Head for Witches!

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If you find yourself in Stockholm tonight don’t worry – it’s not Halloween yet! Skärtorsdagen, or Maundy Thursday in English speaking countries, is celebrated a little differently here in Sweden.

Today, Swedish kids paint their faces, dress themselves as witches, carry brooms and knock on neighbor’s doors for candy – much like how children do for Halloween but exclusively as witches. If you haven’t seen them already, you’ll probably see the occasional witch flying about. Not real witches of course (unless you’re really unlucky or lucky), but props that are put up each year along buildings and houses.

The story of “The Witches Night” originates from the Swedish countryside and happens the Thursday before Easter. Legend has it witches flew on brooms to a place called Blåkulla and danced with the Devil on this day in the past.

So take care tonight and watch your head for flying witches that look like this!