Tim, our rockstar kitchen manager

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Tell us a little about yourself?

My name’s Tim Leikman, I’m the kitchen manager and I’ve been here a little over a year now.

So you’re the kitchen manager but have only been here a year?

Yeah I came from some other restaurants. I worked in Gamla Stan a while but the restaurant there had no money and had to shut down, so I came to Kaknästornet through a friend. Since then it seems as tho it’s gone pretty good. We have increased the quality of food for sure.

So what else then about yourself?

I’m bilingual. We speak Finnish and Swedish at home and my English is alright. I am Finnish so knowing Finnish is kind of a must when we’re at home. Some other stuff I do.. I play guitar, in a band actually.

A band? What type of music and what are they called?

We’re called Zemetery and we play 80’s hard rock music. Our first single just needs to be approved by Spotify and we will be on there, the idea was to be on Spotify a week ago but oh well… Our CD comes out May 26th tho! And we wanna have a big release party so hopefully you’ll put that on Kaknästornet’s Facebook so people know.

What does a kitchen manager do here?

I am the one who takes the fall when something goes wrong in the kitchen, I’m that guy. What else hmm, I fix the schedule, menu planning and make sure everyone is satisfied and happy. I’m the one who fixes the daily lunches as well but if there is something I can’t find time for then I have Johan, he is my right hand man.

What would you take off the menu right now and never see it again?

Hamburgers, definitely. And I won’t be the only one to say it.

And lastly what’s the best thing about this job? The view, the hours the free food?

Yeah the view is not something I complain about, its great. But I am scared of heights so… It’s nice being your own boss and the best thing is probably the team we have right now. They are real good so that’s a big plus.