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Enjoy an exquisite lunch with a view over Stockholm.

Lunch is an important meal of the day. Take the time to replenish your body and soul. Have a relaxed lunch at Kaknästornet with a breathtaking view over Stockholm.

Do you visit us often? We sell lunch coupons in the restaurant, 11 lunches for 1250: – (one lunch for free)

Book a table to avoid the elevator fee!


Today´s lunch 125:-/PP 

incl. salad, bread & butter, table water and coffee/tea. Todays lunch is served monday-friday 11.00-15.00

Week 13 

Monday 26/3

Potato pancake with bacon and lingon berries

Creamy salmon pasta with spinach and parmesan

Tuesday 27/3

Pasta with prime rib, mushrooms and spicy sausage

Steamed saithe with mussel veloute and horseradish

Wednesday 28/3 “World Wednesday” Tunisia

“Batata lahme” Oven baked potatoes with minced lamb, roasted vegetables and tomato sauce

“Mackerel mechwi tastira” Fried mackerel with deep-fried potatoes and tastira

Thursday 29/3

Veal stew with dill served with boiled potatoes

Salmon pudding with melted butter, lemon and dill

Friday 30/3

Red day, we serve Brunch buffet 


Week´s soup

“Chorba addas” Tunisian lentil soup

Week´s vegetarian

 “Brik Mahchi” Phyllo filled with ricotta and spinach served with carrot cream and bean salad


Always at Kaknäs during lunch

Toast Skagen (shrimps on toast with mayonnaise, dill and lemon) 125:-

Black Angus steak with red wine sauce and roasted potatoes 250: –

Tower prime rib burger with bacon & cheese 185: –

Grilled salmon with roasted potatoes and shellfish sauce 195: –

Sorbet with berries 75: –

Panna cotta with berries 75:-


Children’s menu

Pancakes with jam and cream 75:-

Hamburger plate (with cheese) 75:-

Black Angus beef with fries and tarragon butter 95:-