Artist of the Month – Per Ståbi

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Classical water colors for our walls – and yours.

Per Ståbi was born with the artistic touch – most likely passed on to him by his grandmothers brother, Anders Zorn. Per uses a mixture of drawings and aquarelle, or, water colors, sometimes even a combo of both, to create his artwork and clearly draws inspiration from his surroundings and nature. He also creates hand made cards and is a calligraphist. He has had a view art shows around Stockholm before and now has his work for sale on our café walls at the Tower of Love.

When did you know you wanted to become an artist?

During a visit to Italy, Sorrento and Capri, on our 25th wedding day 1999. I had taken part in some aquarelle courses before, but after that Journey I took part in an art course in the archipelago in Stockholm. Since then I have been drawing and painting regularly. Almost daily since 2008. My first large art exhibition was in Gallery Riddaren in Old Town in Stockholm 2007.

How did you develop your style as an artist?

I have been drawing all my life and therefore the drawing is the basis for my aquarelles. I often draw with ink and paint aquarelle colours on the drawing. I also have been learning other techniques in aquarelle painting in art schools, among others the wet-in-wet technique, which I use sometimes.

Why do you believe art is important?

Art is important as a ground in technology, architecture and in in the most fields in life. For myself the art is relaxation, enjoyment and a way to express what is beautiful and peaceful in life.

Which artist inspire you and why?

A lot of classic artists inspire me. In Sweden of course my grandmothers brother Anders Zorn. For his aquarelles in the archipelago of Stockholm, in the South of Europe and Morocco and his portraits. An important Swedish artist for me is Carl Larsson, who was drawing and painting aquarelles in a way I also do.

More info about Per and his upcoming art shows can be found on his website.


Stockholm Pride Festival 2017

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The Annual Rainbow Parade is Back!

The Stockholm Pride Festival has been the biggest pride festival in northern Europe since it arrived in Stockholm back in 1998. Like all other Pride events the main focus is to promote awareness for the LGBT+ community both nationally and internationally. The festival is on this year from July 31st which is this Monday, to August 6th which is next Sunday.

To show our support for the ever growing international community of LGBT+ identifiers, Kaknästornet aka the Tower of Love, will continue its tradition of being lit up in the pride colors. This adds great contrast to the Stockholm skyline which for most of the week, will sadly be looking rather grey.

Each year there’s a Pride parade, like at most of the events around the events, so don’t miss that one. Stockholm Pride Festival also has other activities for both young and old, including slam poetry, workshops, seminars and a bunch of different shows from drag to rock music shows and even a ”kinky corner” for 18 and above, which seems rather self-explanatory. All of this takes place in the so called “Pride Park” which can be found at Östermalms Idrottsplats, Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 2. On Saturday after the main parade starts at 13:00, there’ll be a big party after the parade reaches the Pride Park. So with that being said, be sure to check their website for ticket availability and head over there to show your support and have some fun!

A full program can be found on their website, although sadly it’s only in Swedish.

Route of Sweden 2017 – right at our doorstep!

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Sports cars en route to a great time (and great parties)!

Four years ago the first ever Route of Sweden took place and it’s become a recurring event since then. Think of it as the Gumball 3000, but in Sweden and with mostly Swedish drivers. Although much shorter than its 3000 mile counterpart, Route of Sweden still covers a hefty amount of ground (or road) and takes 6 days and 5 nights to complete. Their slogan, ”This is not a competition, but who wants to finish last?” gives off a relaxed vibe but who could resist speeding away in their supercar to try and make it to the next pit stop in pole position?

The journey begins July 27th at 13:00 in our very own parking lot outside of Kaknästornet and covers some 1400 odd kilometers of Swedish roads, stopping at ”the best summer towns” along the way. Each stop involves a stay in a hotel, dinner and of course a night out on the town. Judging by the video they have put up on their Facebook, Route of Sweden knows how to party, and responsibly (I hope). They have a zero tolerance policy to drinking and driving as stated in their Rules of Conduct and will kick anyone from the event if they’re caught doing so.

The drivers will be meeting up at around 10am in our parking lot and that will be your chance to meet some of the drivers, maybe snap a few pictures and get some good social media material with loads of fancy cars in the background. From Kaknästornet they head over to Jönköping, then to Malmö even Denmark for a quick cruise), Borgholm and so on and so on all the while gaining traction and support for their growing event each year. If you’re interested joining them next year, send them an email via their website or Facebook but expect to be paying well over 20 000 SEK to participate. This seems to cover cost of living and probably dinners as well, doubtful of the drinks though!

Don’t forget that if you are interested in seeing them, get here before 13:00 because that’s when they’re driving off and starting their route!