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Artist of the Month – Emma Vo

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Emma Vo is painting a new path to success with her vibrant, colorful and abstract works of art. Following a long line of artists in her family Emma has replaced her camera and photography sessions with canvas and furniture paint to create “fluid paintings”. She began her creative career back in highschool where she studied photography, but after living abroad for several years in London and Spain, her life did a 180 and she found herself back in Sweden. This is when she decided being behind the lens wasn’t her thing anymore and decided to paint instead. Now, three years later, she is creating fluid art in her kitchen while working part-time at a photo and framing shop. Here are some links to her Facebook, Instagram and website.

How did you develop your style as an artist?

I wanted to be a photographer at first, so I studied photography in high school and in London. I started with landscape photography and then I moved on to a bit of fashion, a lot of music and live bands and stuff. But when I studied in London I ended up doing more abstract art photography. I began to manipulate images of the body in Photoshop and stuff like that. That was probably when the obsession for the abstract formed.


Can you tell us a little bit more about this style of art?

This is called fluid painting. It’s not a very common form of art here in Sweden, I actually haven’t met that many who do it here. I think it’s more common in Australia and America. Personally I use enamel furniture paint, it’s the easiest to get here in Sweden, but basically you just pour the paint and mix them together on the canvas. It sounds easy but it’s not!


What is art to you and how is it important to you?

It started as a sort of selfish thing for me, just releasing emotions. Now, I want to create emotion for people. I really like it when people look at my art and feel something, or when they find certain things in my work, such as faces, animals etc. It’s not me trying to send a message, or be political or anything like that. I do put a lot of emotion in to my art and I know what and how I felt when I painted the piece, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for someone else.


Are there any artists out there who inspire you?

Yeah well with photography it was a photographer called Guy Bourdin. He takes really cool fashion-art photographs using a lot of weird angles with legs and the body. I think that’s how I really starting getting obsessed with the abstract. When it comes to my paintings I look at a few people on Instagram every now and then but I get more inspiration from myself and my emotions and also nature such as satellite images, movements in water and so on. Two of my favorite artists are Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali. I don’t take a lot of inspiration from them though, maybe some from Dali with his fluid flow.

End of Year Recap

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Feels like it was just 2017… 

Wow! Time has gone by so quickly this last month. It’s been a while since we posted here but we’ve been real busy up until right about now! The past month has been a hectic one for sure. We survived yet another year of julbord, which is always crazy as well as the “mellandags” rush followed very quickly by our New Years Eve dinner party.

Our julbord this year was one of the best in the books when we look back at not only the sales but our service and feedback from our customers. We served almost 6000 guests of all shapes, sizes and even nationalities this year. It was really awesome to see that the word of our classic Swedish julbord has spread around to other parts of the world! We offered over 60 options for two sittings almost every day for 30 days straight and our staff still had smiles at the end (although it was maybe because julbord was finally over!).

The Swedish equivalent of Black Friday is known as “mellandagarna”. This translates to middle days and yup, you guessed it! They take place between Christmas and New Years. Recently the Swedes, as like many other countries, have started having Black Friday sales as well but back in the day, “mellandagarna” was the time to get all your shopping done for a fraction of the cost. We saw quite a lot of guests during this time which only added more to the number of people we had served for the month of December. During these days we served our classic brunch buffet which included all time favorites like American pancakes, ribs and coleslaw, chicken wings and oven baked omelettes.

New Years Eve was as good as it gets! A private dinner party for roughly 130 guests who enjoyed a 3 course meal with different wines for each course. It all began with us shutting down the Tower between 5 PM and 7 PM while we donned our fancy evening clothes and prepped for the guests to arrive. At 7 PM the gates were opened again and our guests were treated to a drink in the Skybar. After a while guests went down to the restaurant and started with the dinner. First up was a starter of either seared ahi tuna with seaweed salad or chevre chaud for our vegetarian guests. The main course followed and was an aged beef served with duck liver and truffles for the carnivores. Our vegetarian friends enjoyed salt-baked beets with romanesco and beans. Fish lovers were treated to a solid piece of angler fish served alongside a vegetable medley and a champagne sauce. Dessert for the evening was a rich salted caramel panna cotta topped with a dark chocolate mousse!

Now we are in 2018 and we’re doing some work in the kitchen so our restaurant isn’t open until Friday the 5th. Once we’re up and running again we’ll be doing a different sort of buffet for lunch. Two different dishes, a meat and a fish, served buffet style. If you’re not an advocate of eating meat or fish then all you have to do is ask and we can whip you something with vegetables in no time! As always bread, butter, salad, tea and coffee are included in the price. However, because we’ve made it in to a buffet style lunch we have a set price of 125 SEK for weekdays and 225 SEK for weekends. Like last year, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or phone (08-667 21 80) to ask us any questions or make a booking to avoid that elevator fee!


Artist of the Month – Persefoni Nestorudi

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A returning favorite

Foto: P-A Nilsson

Two years have gone since the last time she hung her art on our walls, and Persefoni is back for round two. This time she has brought a great balance between contrasting colors, powerful portraits of women and emotion. After studying building engineering and architecture, Persefoni has made a name for herself within the Stockholm art world. With a name inspired by Greek mythology, it’s no wonder she has gravitated towards art, much like the Greeks themselves did. In the stories Persefoni was a goddess who was abducted by Hades, the lord of the Underworld . She was only allowed to return for parts of the year. When she returned she brought the changing of seasons – winter and spring. It seems almost too perfect that the artist of the month, Persefoni, is hanging her work on our walls as we shift in to the coming winter season.

A link to her previous interview can be found here, Instagram, Facebook and website.

You’ve been here before, what’s changed since you were last here?

Yes, now it’s been exactly two years since I was here last. Time flies! What’s changed since then? Quite a lot, thank goodness! If you don’t develop and change then there’s probably something wrong. I’ve traveled a lot since before been inspired by colors and shapes. I’ve been inspired by graffiti and street art. Maybe not in the techniques used but the color choices. I’m probably a little more braver in my art now. But still, it’s a process and I believe you’re never really finished learning.

Tell us a little about the work you will be putting up this time.

This time you’ll be seeing a mix of both older and new work. Maybe you’ll notice a development through the works themselves. I’ll leave that up to the viewer. Along with my originals here I also have some fine art prints as well.

You said that art is important for your soul and it’s a personal journey for you. Have you ever used your art to voice your opinions on social issues or injustices that go on around the world?

I’ve contributed my work to Tilita’s Organization for Women. They hosted a great art vernissage with a lot of artists. You can read more about them on their website,

Have you ever done art while traveling or gotten inspiration from being abroad?

I’m inspired by everything. I love travelling and can get inspired by a marketplace, colors of buildings, an old wooden door or even food. I take in everything from my travels and process it. After a month or months I may get a feeling or impression from something and then work with it. During my trips im usually just sketching in my sketchbook.