Artist of the Month

'Have Fun With It' av Cecilia Ströyer

Kaknästornet is seeking artists with a vision for the future!

Artist of the Month is an ongoing project at Kaknästornet. The inspiration comes from Walter Bengtsson’s work Spelrum Futurum, which can be seen in the entrance of the tower, where he interprets the future and the space age.

With the project Artist of the Month, Kaknästornet wants to create a space where today’s artists can express their own visit for the future.



January 2018 –  Persefoni Nestorudi

February 2018 – Emma Vo

March 2018 – 

April 2018 – 

May 2018 – 

June 2018 – 

July 2018 – 

August 2018 – 

September 2018 – 

October 2018 – 

November 2018 – 

December 2018 – 

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