Artist of the Month – Magnus Rapp

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From New York to Shanghai – Places to dream of

With lots of colors, details and light, Magnus Rapp wants you to fantasize about looking out over New York, visiting a bar in Los Angeles or walking along The Bund in Shanghai. He mixes his memories from travels and dreams to create colorful night time scenes from all over the world and completes his paintings with his thoughts and stories. Now you have the opportunity to visit and share Magnus places for dreams here at Kaknästornet! And what could be a better place to views all of these cities than in the tallest tower in Stockholm! You can also check out his art online at or on Instagram @magnusrappart

When did you know you wanted to become an artist?

Becoming an artist has never been an objective in itself for me. I have always loved creative activities, such as drawing, singing and making music. Therefore I think that my objective has always been to stay creative in my everyday life. It’s very important to me, because when I create things I feel a strong sense of meaningfulness. For me creativity is a wonderful force, a super-force, that opens up my senses and fantasy. For me, painting is a way to let go of heavy thoughts and to pause the everyday life. It’s a way for me to light up my days, because when I don’t paint, I think about the stories behind the paintings, new sceneries and I see so much that inspires me to new paintings. To paint has become an important part of my life. So, I guess the answer to the question is that I have never specifically wanted to become an artist. I just want to stay creative! To keep the super-force that I have found!

How did you develop your style as an artist?

I‘m not sure where my style comes from. I’m completely self-thought and the style has just developed without plans or goals. Only my feelings have control over how my artworks turns out. I think that my interest for details, for example in street scenes, comes from my love of drawing. However, most of all I think that my style comes from the fact that I want to create a scene or landscape which you can fantasize and dream about. I often paint places which I’ve been to and dream about returning to and therefore nostalgia plays an important part role. I want to paint that special moment which I carry in my dreams.

Why do you believe art is important?

For me, art is projected dreams and feelings. It’s a special language, without words. The ability to dream and feel is essential and the ability to take in and understand other peoples dreams and feelings are also essential. I think that through art we can come closer to our own and each others dreams and feelings. It is a unique way to communicate without the need for words.

Which artists inspire you and why?

I get inspired by all people who dares to be creative. I’m so impressed by all of the creativity on for example Instagram and communities like Deviantart. There is so much energy in all of that creativity! However, the artist that inspires me the most is Lars Lerin. Our techniques and style are not alike, but I just love how he uses layers of watercolors and how he creates a sense of light where there is almost complete darkness. Also, the size of his paintings are amazing and make them so monumental.

Have you traveled abroad and gotten inspiration from your travels?

Yes, travelling is one of my main sources for inspiration. Night time cityscapes are my absolute favorite scenery.  I always bring my colors with me when I travel and I love to paint both during the travel and afterwards from pictures and memories. Also, I always take a lot of photos when I travel. Often when I paint, I combine several photos with different scenes and angles from the same place, in order to capture that “special feeling”. In September last year, I visited the small and rather remote Greek island of Tilos. I stayed there for three weeks an I painted almost every minute! It was a fantastic experience and I’m hoping to have an exhibitions with paintings from that trip in the future.