Stockholm Pride Festival 2017

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The Annual Rainbow Parade is Back!

The Stockholm Pride Festival has been the biggest pride festival in northern Europe since it arrived in Stockholm back in 1998. Like all other Pride events the main focus is to promote awareness for the LGBT+ community both nationally and internationally. The festival is on this year from July 31st which is this Monday, to August 6th which is next Sunday.

To show our support for the ever growing international community of LGBT+ identifiers, Kaknästornet aka the Tower of Love, will continue its tradition of being lit up in the pride colors. This adds great contrast to the Stockholm skyline which for most of the week, will sadly be looking rather grey.

Each year there’s a Pride parade, like at most of the events around the events, so don’t miss that one. Stockholm Pride Festival also has other activities for both young and old, including slam poetry, workshops, seminars and a bunch of different shows from drag to rock music shows and even a “kinky corner” for 18 and above, which seems rather self-explanatory. All of this takes place in the so called “Pride Park” which can be found at Östermalms Idrottsplats, Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 2. On Saturday after the main parade starts at 13:00, there’ll be a big party after the parade reaches the Pride Park. So with that being said, be sure to check their website for ticket availability and head over there to show your support and have some fun!

A full program can be found on their website, although sadly it’s only in Swedish.