Some upcoming changes after Midsummer

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New change to our lunch menu and info about Midsummer!

Hey everyone, coming up next week is midsummer or “midsommar” as its known here in Sweden. Midsummer is celebrated all over Europe and in most cases it’s a public holiday as well. For those of you who read this often enough, then you’ll know it’s one of those famous “red days” here in Sweden. Sadly for most people it won’t mean much because this year it falls on a Saturday!

With that being said, there’s a few things to note for next week:

  • Friday 23rd June – Kaknästornet will be closed, all day.
  • Saturday 24th June – Kaknästornet Restaurant will be closed all day, but the gift shop and café will be open from 10 AM to 18 PM.

In addition to this, our lunch menu will have some changes made to it. Instead of having a new dish every day, we’re opting to have a new dish every week. As usual, this will include water, tea/coffee, bread and a small salad spread to take from. Don’t worry, our meals will still be made just as fresh as always and for the same old price of 125 SEK. We’ll still be doing one meat, one fish, one veg and a salad as per usual so no need to stress about that either, there will always be a choice at the Tower of Love!

As we’re in full swing of the busy season, we recommend (as always) to call ahead of time and book your table. Even simpler, book the table online right now while you’re on our site.

Next week we’ll be doing an article on midsummer so if you aren’t in the loop about it then stay tuned!