Our daily lunches – week 18 (5/1 – 5/5)

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New Month New Lunch Menu!

It’s Monday of week 18 already and that means a few new things;a new week, a new month and a new weekly lunch menu! This weeks lunch dishes are simple and good – for both the wallet and the palate. Monday is Labour Day here in Sweden and it is considered a “red day”. People working in offices and government usually have red days off and public transport may be affected. No worries, there will still be busses coming up to the Tower of Love and we will be doing our awesome Brunch so don’t miss out!

Don’t forget you can book a table with us to avoid the elevator fee!

Monday will be our brunch buffet from 11 am to 2:30 pm. We offer all sorts of warm and cold options including bacon, meatballs, salmon, potatoes, salad, olives, herring and even muesli and cereal for those not interested in such a heavy brunch.

Tuesday will be slow-cooked pork chops, tomato salad, roast potatoes with a sweet and sour onion butter. Our fish dish for Tuesday will be cod poached in white wine served with shrimp salad and dilled potatoes.

Wednesday is ground beef patties with a potato stomp and an caramelized onion sauce. We ground our beef in-house now so expect these patties to be extra good from now on! Our fish option is going to be butter-fried Saithe with sautéed mushrooms, potato stomp and beurre noisette.

Thursday’s lunch dish is a slow-cooked beef roast with potatoes, buttered carrots and a cream sauce. Fried Plaice with a tasty remoulade sauce is the fish option for Thursday.

Friday will see us serving a Swedish classic – “Skomakarlåda”. This translates literally to shoemakers box and usually consists of beef, mashed potatoes and a gravy. Our version will have roast beef, bacon, potato purée and a red-wine gravy. Friday’s fish is going to be butter-baked cod with baby potatoes, asparagus and hollandaise sauce.

The weekly vegetarian dish is pan-fried haloumi with a tomato salad with red-onion butter over it.

Our weekly salad has a bit of a Mediterranean twist to it and will be a bulgur salad with grilled chicken and a mint yoghurt sauce.