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High octane levels, RPM’s and one too many burnouts

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A parking lot worth millions…

This Saturday saw our parking lot crammed full of cars worth millions several times over. At least once a year Stockholm’s super car scene meets in our parking lot before they start their cruise around Djurgården and town. Can anyone guess the ”value” of this picture?

Even though it was a Saturday night these guys (and gals) weren’t keen drinking. Instead, they opted to drive in a parade-style fashion through some of Stockholm’s most beautiful scenery this time of year. This picture doesn’t show all the cars that eventually showed up and for those of you who know the area – cars were parked on the side of the road all the way down to Djurgårdsbrunn basically.

Needless to say, these types of cars attract quite the following and we were more than busy down at the entrance and gift shop. Plenty of people, including drivers and their ”fans”, showed up to pay a visit to the Tower of Love. Many hadn’t actually been up here before but thanks to the little co-lab we did with one of the organizers we were slammed that evening. Our café sold for almost twice as much as usual that day and the restaurant was fully booked that evening.

With that being said, we’d like to thank the organizers over at Supersportbilsträffen for their support through the years and for a great turnout this year. Special thanks to Mathias Beer for the pictures and see you next year, or perhaps again towards the end of the summer? 😉


Our Daily Lunches – week 22 (29/5-2/6)

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June is here!

We’re heading into the last few days of May and crossing over into June already for 2017, can you believe it? Week 22 is here and this week we’ve got a good mixup of dishes being served out of our kitchen including our own take on the English classic – fish and chips.

Like always, our lunches are 125 SEK which covers the cost of the elevator ride and includes coffee/tea, water, bread and salad. Be sure to call us in time or book a table on our website!

We’ll be starting the week off serving a roasted pork loin together with stewed cabbage on Monday. Alternatively poached egg served together with an egg and a light parsley sauce.

Tuesday will see our chefs cooking up herb-marinated chicken with the seasons vegetables and a tomato vinaigrette. Our fish for the day will be a almond-baked saithe. The saithe is breaded with crushed almonds and then served together with a potato purée and our very own brown-butter sauce.

Our midweek lunch meal on Wednesday is going to be pork confit, lentils and a herb-cream. Confit is derived from the French word “confire” which means to preserve. In the case of pork, or any meat, it is slowly cooked in it’s own fat at a low temperature. It’s then stored in a cool, dark place (usually a fridge) and left to sit in it’s own fats. Later the meat is taken out from the cold, and heated up slowly again. Confit is one of the oldest ways of preserving food and can preserve some foods for up to several months (ours isn’t that old, don’t worry!). If preserved meats aren’t your thing then we’ll be serving classic fish and chips. Beer battered for the extra old English touch, these are a surefire way to get your Wednesday “lillördag” started.

On Thursday the Tower will be serving meatloaf. However, this meatloaf will be wrapped in bacon and served alongside lingonberries and pickled cucumbers. Lingonberries are found throughout Northern Europe and a common site on the table with game or liver dishes. They give a tart but sweet taste to meat and potatoes while giving a good boost in vitamin C. They were once even used to treat ailments like fevers, UTI’s and even hemorrhaging. Not a fan of bacon? Try our baked haddock that will be served with a brown-butter emulsion instead!

Friday is funday here at the Tower of Love. We’re feeling lazy so we decided to slow-roast some prime rib for you which should be delicate and tender. We’re pairing it with a homemade potato salad and a red wine sauce on top. If meat’s not on your mind on Friday then perhaps stewed cod is? This will be served together with a salad and wasabi mayo.

Our weekly vegetarian dish is going to be the season’s vegetables together with wasabi mayo and a gari dressing to top it off.

Week 22’s salad is a Nicoise. This salad is usually made of of anchovies, eggs and of course greens. We’re throwing in some extra tuna as well to “beef up” the salad a bit!

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30 second Ascension!

Another Swedish ”red day”! Today is Ascension Day although you may know it as Holy Thursday or Feast of the Ascension depending on what part of the English speaking world you’re from. In short, Ascension Day is meant to celebrate the day Jesus’ ascended to heaven. At the Tower of Love it takes about 30 seconds to ascend, not 40 days – so come and join us!

Ascension Day is one of Christianity’s oldest celebrated festivals and even holds itself in some countries that are not necessarily heavily Christianized anymore. Christians believe that 40 days after Easter, Jesus took his disciples out to the Mount of Olives where he began his ascension to heaven in front of his students. Although there is no written evidence of celebrating this event before 4th century, it’s widely believed that an annual feast was held from the year 68 onwards. Ascension Day marks the end of the Easter season and although some Churches and practices continue until the following Sunday.

In many countries it’s considered a public holiday and places like offices and banks will usually be closed down for the day. Lots of people will often take Friday off work as well to get a long weekend in, thus slowing things down for the larger part of the week.

Celebrating this holiday doesn’t have to be a religious act. In Sweden, to celebrate, some people wake up really early (4 am) to listen to the birds singing in the morning as the sun rises. It’s said that if you hear a cuckoo from the east or west it’s considered good luck!In fact, simply having something “ascend” is enough. You could fly a kite, release some balloons (although that’s not best for the environment!) or even just sit back and cloud watch. We decide to take a literal interpretation to the Feast of the Ascension and have decided to serve you all our brunch buffet! So come on up and “ascend” the Tower of Love to feast at our brunch buffet today!

Prices for adults are 295 SEK/PP, kids 0 – 2 eat for free, 3 – 6 is 75 SEK, 7 – 15 is 150 SEK. That includes of course coffee, tea, water and bread!