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Valborg is here!

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This weekend is a favorite among the Swedes..

Today is one of Sweden’s most popular holiday weekends – Valborg. In English it’s known as Walpurgis Night and is quite a common tradition throughout most of Europe. Originally named after a missionary, Saint Walburga, there isn’t much religious ties to it in Sweden today.

Traditions are quite different today and many smaller towns celebrate in their own way. In Linköping you’ll find a lot of people starting their day with a champagne breakfast in the park and later moving to the local castle. Gothenburg has an annual parade that attracts around 250 000 people. In Umeå you’ll find small bonfires throught the town.

As with Umeå, Stockholm has smaller bonfires around the city. The closest bonfire to the Tower of Love is Skansen. There will be a few speeches and some singing at Skansen starting at 3 PM and their bonfire will be lit at 9 PM.

This is a time of year where some people may drink a few too many beers so if you’re going to any of these communal gatherings remember – all things in moderation!


It’s almost party time!

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Kaknästornet 50 year anniversary

The construction of Kaknästornet began in 1963 and was completed 50 years ago, in 1967. To celebrate we will be featuring a live band, half off of our entrance fee and giving away free stuff to the first few hundred guests.

MOONLAND will be playing two shows, one more casual show during the day with a couple of 60’s classic covers and then their own show later that evening. This is an opportunity to see good, live music at Stockholms highest bar for only 35 SEK! We’ll be doing brunch and dinners as usual and outside there will be activities for kids.

To help you guys stay updated on the event we’ve created a section for it on our website. The info is both in Swedish and English.

Check it out!

Euro inspired lunches – week 17 (4/24-4/28)

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Monday is here and so is the new lunch menu!

It’s Monday and it’s time for an update on what is being served for lunch at the Tower of Love this week! As the European summer is slowly approaching, we decided to take a fairly European approach this week with meals like lasagne, schnitzel and a Swedish classic! As always our food is made with love, care, attention to detail and a pinch of salt!

Book a table now for free entry to the tower and your chance to dine at Stockholms highest restaurant and bar!

Monday will have lasagne with a slow-cooked tomato sauce, served together with a raw, root vegetable salad. Lasagne originates from Italy. The term actually refers to the pasta and not the entire dish, but many have chosen to call the entire dish lasagne. Our fish option for the day is cod poached in white wine, served with blue mussels and potatoes!

Tuesday is a day for any Austrians in town. We’ll be serving schnitzel with Austrian potato salad and a redwine sauce.. This potato salad is mayo-free and is made with vinegar instead, making it guilt free aswell! The fish dish is salmon pudding. Essentially a salmon lasagne that switches out pasta for potatoes and served with a dijon based sauce.

Wednesday is an old and sometimes forgotten Swedish classic, veal stew with dill. This dish is slow cooked and has plenty of dill added during the cooking process to give it a very fresh taste. The fish for the day will be beer-battered cod with sweet potato fries, a modern twist to the English classic! We’ve decided to use sweet potatoes this week because they’re great! Sweet potatoes don’t only taste good, but they provide tons of Vitamins A, B, C and way more fiber than regular potatoes.

Thursday is beef patties, a cream sauce and lingonberries. Nothing says Swedish more than a beef dish complimented by lingonberries! Fish for the day is pan fried Plaice with capers and garnishes. 

Friday‘s lunch will be slow-cooked beef roast with an onion sauce, roast potatoes and kale on the side. The fish of the day will be herb-baked saithe, with a chive sauce and root vegetables and dilled potatoes.

This weeks vegetarian dish is tagliatelle pasta with a home made tomato sauce and fresh parmesan cheese on top.

The salad of the week is Asian salad, confit pork, beansprouts and kimchi.